Friday, June 5, 2009

As of Lately

What I've been watching this past week:

Drag Me to Hell
The Happening
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Incredible Hulk
Andy Richter Controls the Universe (this show is hilarious!)

Oh, and been listening to the new Eminem album, Relapse. Damn, that guy can rap.

Movie Mode

For nearly the last year, I've been on a hiatus from writing and filming. Why? Hell, I dunno. I just been too preoccupied with other things I guess. But hey, I'm back now. I've been penning a lot of ideas the last couple months and this past week, I was able to to sort through them and really focus on which ones I want to write and shoot. I won't spoil anything so you're gonna have to wait and see what monsters I'm creating! : ) I'm really excited about it though. I'm drawing from a lot of inspirations and resources so it should be good. Stay tuned!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good flicks

What I've been watching lately. And what YOU should watch if you haven't seen them already. Screw it, even if you have seen them, watch them again!
-A Beautiful Mind
-Planet Terror
-The Dark Knight
-Taxi Driver
-Reservoir Dogs
-X Men Origins: Wolverine
-Raising Arizona
-Dragon Hunters

New Blog!

Hello all!
I'm Justin and this is my new blog. I have other "social network" accounts but this blog is going to pertain particularly to film, music and the arts. The films and stupid little skits I do, as well as the films, music, art etc. of others shall be talked about right here.

My other social blah blah: (one day I'll think of a clever myspace url)


Hope you enjoy!